Tuesday, August 16, 2005

After doing a search,, need advive on flushing black tank

This guy needs a reality check.  C&P from an RV forum.  Here's the link:




Hmmm. Yes, the "Geo Method". I've seen your plugs on many other forums as well and I appreciate the energy and time you have put into the writeup. However, without any more evidence and scientific support for this method, (other than your "understanding of chemistry, physics, and biology with a smidgen of common sense thrown in for good measure"), I file this with other information I have received from experienced RVers. No better, no worse. I do wonder a bit at your motivation for having a website and Blog just for this subject but maybe it's just my skeptical nature.

"However, without any more evidence and scientific support for this method.." So, you're saying that you need an MIT research project to convince you that laundry products are very effective at cleaning dirt? Wow. That's why I mention a smidgen of common sense in The Geo Method article. The idea is very amusing. An august assembly of Harvard scatologists gathered around a model of an RV waste water system in a state of the art laboratory, with their heads stuck down an RV commode, trying to figure out if laundry products will clean dirt out of a black tank. You must work for the government.

In your skeptical mind, what does my motivation have to do with whether or not what I have suggested in The Geo Method works? You make it sound as though I'm trying to corner the market on waste water. It's a statement without meaning intended to baselessly impugn (call into question) my integrity. People who've tried The Geo Method have found that it works really well. Many of us don't want either pickled poop adhering to the insides of our tanks, the blue stuff stink, or an active bacteria colony thriving in our tanks. We just want to be able to clean the tanks easily and cheaply.

Ok, so I set up a homepage and blog for The Geo Method. So, what? What does that tell your discerning mind? The nefarious Mr. Geo wants to know.

As Buggs Bunny would have quipped, "What a Maroon.."