Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the geo method

If you're worried about dumping into your septic tank at home I suggest going to an RV park with full hook-ups to dump. Two cups of Calgon Water Softener amounts to four laundry loads at a half cup per load. Your washing machine holds far less than 30 gallons.

The chlorine bleach is necessary if you want to kill odor and germs in the tanks. I put it in and dump it several days later. By that time the bleach has broken down and is no longer present.

Keep in mind that I only use The Geo Method once in several (4-10 - I don't actually count) waste water tank dumps. Once the tanks are clean they're easy to maintain.

No, I haven't done a study. These are common laundry products used by literally tens of millions of Americans every day while doing laundry. These products are also VERY effective in cleaning and sanitizing RV waste water tanks. The reason for this is that the stuff contained in waste water tanks is essentially the same kind of dirt we all get on our clothing and linens. Considering the vast amounts of these products used on a daily basis across the country, if they damaged waste water systems we'd all have been in deep trouble long ago.

Karen Hudick wrote:
I came upon your website through some links in an RV forum and have but a few questions.
I generally dump my tanks (30 gallons each) into my home septic system upon my return home because we use the RV as a mobile motel and rarely have access to dump facilities. When our septic system was being installed, I spoke with the designer and he recommended that we refrain from dumping concentrations of chemical into it at one time. He noted that chlorine products and the bacteria in our tanks did not mix well and that any concentration of chemical could upset the ecology of the tanks significantly.
I noted that your technique uses considerably more water softener in one tank load than one would use to wash several loads of laundry and the same is true of the chlorine bleach (which we don't use at home).
Have you ever done an actual study (rather than a theoretical/academic projection) of the impact of introducing the contents of both a gray water and a black water tank ( using your technique) into a home septic system in such concentrations at one time? I'd be interested in the results.
With best regards,
Mike Hudick
Manheim, PA