Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Geo Method, Thanks so much!

Thanks for a wonderful method of cleaning tanks! You make it so easy! I will never understand how people get things so mixed up! You would think bleach is a man-eating chemical!

I bought some chemical one time from a regular camping dealer. It also had a bleach smell to it. Wished now I had read the ingredients on the box. Not the blue junk you buy at Wal Mart.
We bought a new camper last year, and your method is the only one I will use.
I used your method on my old camper, recirculating toilet, before you had posted your method.
I just used laundry soap and bleach to clean it after dumping it. Actually long before I had a computer, I was using laundry soap and bleach to clean the toilet.
I work in a nursing home as a cook. Bleach is used throughout the food industry.
I just really wanted to tell you thank you.
I first read about your method on Open Roads Form about a year ago.
Georgia Nuehring Bruns

researching Nuhring, Nuehring, Nehring, Kreplin, Warnholtz, Grossman, Yauslin, Homeyer, Sander,Kregel,Stade, Von Stade, Rohn, Borcherding, Schultz, and many others. From Iowa, Husum, Krein, Germany, and other places.
Have a great day and may God Bless You!