Saturday, September 10, 2005

Help with bugs in black tank (kinda disgusting)

Ok we got to the CG friday night wife yells at me there something on the toilet. I go in there is little brown spots all over the bottom of the lid, the seat, the bowl. Then I lifted the lid and there some little white maggot looking bugs still alive under there. There were about 1/8" long and about the size of a uncooked spaghetti noodle. So I got out the chlorox wipes and cleaned the whole toilet. Then I ran to town and got a gallon of bleach and dumped about a quart in the tank with some water. Then I started a process of filling the toilet all the way to overflow then giving it about a tablespoon of bleach letting it sit about 15 minutes then flushing it and starting it all over again. I did that probably 6 times. I even dumped bleach down the overflow tube thinking that maybe that is where they were coming from. The brown dried up spots where these bugs that had died and they were crusty. I let a bowl full of water and bleach sit in the toilet overnight. That seemed to take care of it for the weekend. Monday when I dumped to come home I filled my BW tank 3 times and dumped it then filled it back with some water and dumped about a cup of bleach for the drive home. I checked when we got home and I had 1 of these little bugs alive back in the tank I got rid of him and checked again this morning there was 1 more alive. I talked to my wife at lunch and she said there were 2 more alive. These last ones were all in the bowl itself. I am gonna try and save one to show our bug guy here at work see if he can identifiy it. The only thing I have done differently is I installed a quickie flush and used it for the first time on the last trip which was two weeks ago. I dumped the black then flushed with the QF while the grey tank was dumping then dumped the black again and called it good. I also use the calgon water softner and laundry detergent system in my black water tank. Anyone have any suggestions comment or ideas about all this. I appreciate any help.

Dave 66
Denise (Boss)70
Delaney (Real Boss)02
2003 2500 Dodge CTD 48RE 3:73 LSD
1995 Starcraft 24RK

Just dump a half gallon of chlorine bleach(!), two cups or more of laundry detergent, and two or more cups of water softener into the black tank, fill it the rest of the way with fresh water, and let it sit for a few days. That'll solve the problem. Period. cb