Sunday, February 26, 2006


I just read your article on the cleaning and maintenance of RV tanks. Makes perfect sense to me. For years I have been driving with a small amount of soapy water in black and grey tanks, but never considered either the bleach or water softener. From now on I will do it your way.
I have also thought that the addition of a small amount of chlorine to the fresh water tank at the start of each season might be a good idea but have never tried it. Any thoughts on how much bleach is effective with out being too strong? I seem to recall something from my boy scout days, a long time ago, about putting a small amount of bleach into what we referred to as a water buffalo.
It was a canvas water bag of about 40 gal capacity that was hung from a tree to provide drinking water for all of the campers. The fact that it was made of cloth made it easy to fold when not in use, and it would sweat a small amount of water through the bag and the resulting evaporation kept the water cool.
Thanks again for your insight. !
Bob Chiarello, Saratoga Springs, NY