Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Link to the knife fight on Escapees Forum.

admin@5thwheelforums.com wrote:

I'd first like to introduce myself as the creator, designer/administrator (whatever you want to call it) of 5thwheelforums.com - a site that is going to be totally dedicated to 5thwheels.

We would like to post your GEO method (un-edited) on our website. I know it’s a controversial method to some but its one we use & believe in and know would benefit others as well.

I know some forum moderators would simple "cut&paste" your article but that’s not the way to a healthy, growing & thriving forum. Its your work & you deserve the credit for it.

5thwheelforums.com history - We just started this site and have not yet released it to the search engines. We are working with several RV industry product manufactures and testing their products followed by detailed write-ups of the products installation, use & performance. We purchased 2 identical Forest River Wildcat 29BHBP 5thwheels for use as testing platforms of various products to feature on our website. If we like the product we will ask the manufacturer to advertise on our site with a link back to their store or dealers store. We don't want to invest in or manage any inventory- our job will be to get traffic to the website. Once we have enough quality information for new visitors to read and come back to then we will start advertising in Trailer Life magazine as well as other forums.

We invite you to take a look at www.5thwheelforums.com & tell us what you think but please don't post about it in any other online forums.

Thank You
Travis Chrystal
Administrator - 5thwheelforums.com