Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Geo Method

I've not recommended it with every tank. I only do it occasionally. Every time is unnecessary. The whole Geo Method is an occasional thing. RV plumbing materials are the same as household plumbing materials as far as I can tell. Chlorine bleach shouldn't affect RV plumbing any more than it affects household plumbing. Bouncing down the road, and freezing temps, causes RV plumbing damage. I don't believe chlorine bleach, especially in the concentration I'm talking about, has an affect. Do the math yourself. Bottled chlorine bleach is usually a 5% solution. Dump a gallon of it in a 40 gallon tank and where does that put the percentage? Regardless, ther're just plain old plumbing materials. Hasn't done mine a bit of harm - unless you take into account the lives of billions and billions of germs that I've killed..

Dale Smith wrote:

Thanks for your input. I have been told though that washing machine seals are of a material that bleach does not attact, where as seals in RV’s are not. I am going to continue with bleach, but certainly not every tank full. Thanks again.


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Yes, it is a problem. Dopes who slept through high school chemistry, and lack the common sense of ordinary laundry experience, spout off nonsense about chlorine bleach damaging plumbing. But then, dopes spouting nonsense relating to all sorts of things is a common problem and not limited to ordinary housekeeping. It's a good thing folks like us can figure it out on our own. Don't you agree?

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name: Dale L. Smith
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comment: Some say the bleach will and does attack the seals of the dump valves etc, do you see
such as a problem?